Kliker festival

Dance festival for young audience


KLIKER festival is a unique international festival of dance, performing, music and visual arts. Through performances of various, but carefully selected performance formats, domestic and foreign artists introduce children from kindergarten through high school to the art world.
In the most direct way, appropriate to their age and understanding, the world of complete theater is revealed to them. In addition to the performance programs, the festival also hosts workshops for children and parents, residencies for young artists and educations aimed at educators.
KLIKER festival encourages children's interest in contemporary performing arts in a thoughtful and qualitative way. Children and young people are directly involved in festival activities, participate in performances, workshops, discussions with artists, write their own impressions and ask their own questions.
Thus, the festival becomes a place for meeting and sharing specific knowledge and skills, international and multicultural cooperation, a place of interdisciplinarity and innovation.
KLIKER festival is a cultural event that connects the cultural and artistic scene of Croatia with Europe.


In 2016 the Days of Contemporary Dance grew into an annual seven-days dance festival designed specifically for young audiences - the KLIKER Festival. The festival was then held in Varaždin and Novi Marof and as a four-day edition in Zagreb in collaboration with the PlatformaHR festival. The 2017 KLIKER festival was growing both in its amount and by extension to several locations throughout Croatia, and is being now held in Varaždin, Zagreb, Rijeka and Split.


KLIKER festival is part of the KLIKER Platform - a Croatian national platform dedicated to the development of contemporary dance art and young audiences, organized by VRUM and in collaboration with the Zagreb Dance Center TALA, Rijeka Prostor Plus and the Split IKS Festival.



Park of creativity

Artistic selection and production


Špancirfest started telling its story in the year 1999 as the first street festival in Croatia, and today it is one of the most visited national festival events.
The idea behind the Špancirfest is to provide content that will inspire a sense of belonging to a community that nurtures creative thinking and freedom of expression over the course of ten festival days. The festival brings together professional and amateur artists from around the world - from musicians of various genres to street theater and multimedia performances - and turns the historic center of Varaždin into an art workshop with visitors and artists involved. At Špancirfest, visitors have a unique opportunity to get to know various artistic expressions and actively participate in some of them, and professionals from the cultural and creative industries to develop their knowledge and skills and expand their network of business contacts.


For several years, Špancirfest has been nurturing a special creative program aimed primarily at children and young people. The festival's motto is "Start your creativity" and the Park of Creativity is a central place for creativity, innovation and creation for children and young people. The green, safe oasis of the park in Habdeliceva Street, in the heart of Varaždin, every year during the ten festival days provides interesting content intended to stimulate research and learning. Creative Park is a place of relaxation and awakening of sensory awareness where children are the center of attention, but their parents are not forgotten either. And while the Špancirfest idea is the flow, at Creative Park you are invited to stay and discover new things, join workshops, watch performances - to be creative and play. Workshops, plays and performances have been carefully selected to contribute to the overall development of creative content and programs for young audiences.
The Park of Creativity’s program emphasizes the role of culture and creativity in the daily lives of children, as well as their development and the need and right to their own expression and communication. It implements its content at a high professional level starting from the idea of interaction and inclusion of young people of different ages. The aim of the Creative Park is to raise awareness of the needs of children and to emphasize cultural, ethnic and social values as factors of overall social development. The unique experience it offers enriches both the Špancirfest and the city of Varaždin, highlighting the needs of the youngest through fun and games, while linking social and educational parameters.
Park of Creativity takes care of your child’s right to grow carelessly!