ContaKids is an exclusive time for parents and children to get moving with each other, through physical contact. They dance, do gymnastics and share the fun of playing in pairs and groups, which helps the child strengthen their motor skills and self-confidence. 


ContaKids is an exciting movement method based on the fundamental idea of actively and consciously using the close physical contact between parent and child and developing deep communication between them. 


The workshop is suitable for children aged 2 to 5 years paired with one parent or other caregiver. No previous experience is necessary. 

One of our VRUM collective members, Till Frühwald is certified and licensed ContaKids teacher.


Participants: maximum 15 children & 15 adults 


Necessary physical resources: dance hall / studio / room with a dance(able) floor or tatami, large enough to accommodate the number of registered participants and where is not too cold. In case of a Zoom session, you will need a loudspeaker connected to the laptop. Good WiFi connection. Video-projector is an advantage in case of a larger group of participants, but it’s not a condition. Participants should wear comfortable clothes and no shoes. Water breaks are encouraged. Toys and snacks / food are not allowed on the dance floor but are warmly invited after the sessions. 

Till Frühwald

Till Frühwald is an actor, dancer and director and has been involved in the independent dance and theater scene for young audiences for many years. Since 2017, he shares his passion for movement as a certified ContaKids teacher with all those who are in the mood for fun, games and motion. 

The project was made possible with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb.