5+ years

50 min.


Interactive dance installation


Idea: Viktorija Ilioska, Kliment Poposki, Elena Risteska

Concept & Project development: Sanja Tropp Frühwald, Dejan Košćak

Performers: Sanja Tropp Frühwald, Till Frühwald


Photo: Alek Kawka

Here children are given the opportunity to get to know the various elements of a dance piece in a playful way: choreography and movement, music and video, space and objects. Together with two dancers, the children wander through the various stages of the installation in search of impulses that make them dance. What if someone tells me what to do? How can I design a room with the others? And how does dance karaoke work?


»Dance Museum« enables a stimulating and interactive examination of one’s own body as well as the different aspects of dance.


With play, fun and creativity, the children are led through different rooms of the installation, each one deals with a different aspect of dance: movement qualities, auditory and visual factors, sensory and tactile experiences as well as architectural aspects.