Patka on tour

Direction and choreography: Sanja i Till Frühwald


Dramatization: Maja Katić


Performers: Petra Bokić, Maja Katić / Dina Ekštajn, Ana Mrak


Visuals (graphoscope projections): Petra Bokić


Light design: Marino Frankola


Original score: Damir Šimunović


Scenograšhy: Sanja Frühwald


Costumes: Žarka Krpan


Graphic design and photography: Dejan Košćak


Production: Dejan Košćak


Showing rights: Foundation Antje Kunstmann GmbH, München

The duck is feeling strange for a long time now. It’s like someone’s watching her, it’s like someone’s close to her. Then she finally appeared before her – Death. But the Duck is not ready yet, and Death is in no hurry. They spend the summer together, bathe in the lake, sit in a tree or in a meadow, talk and stay quiet. Death has experienced a genuine friendship and the magic of life. But autumn is approaching and Duck will embark on her final journey.