From molehill to mountain / croatia


4+ years

50 min.


Dance Theatre


Concept & direction: Sanja Frühwald, Till Frühwald
Composition: Damir Šimunović
Set design: Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin
Video: Davor Konjikušić
Light design: Marino Frankola
Performers: Sunčica Bandić, Marko Gašparović, Linda Tarnovski


Photocopyright: Mario Knor

Big questions about small things – or vice versa?


There are moments when we are small, but big, so no longer small, already too big to be small … Are we now small or big?


“From Molehill to Mountain” deals with identity, growing up, real wonders that can be found in everyday life and triggers imagination through movement.
Based on children’s play, the performance explores the specific behavioural patterns of the individual, the influence on group dynamics to creative power. Self-confidence and friendship are addressed through various playful principles. The language of the play is based on movement, non-verbal communication and includes different possibilities of storytelling. Whether with language, music, video or by means of a familiar object: a cube that offers endless possibilities for playing.