4+ years

55 min.


Dance Theatre



Concept, Director: Sanja Frühwald, Till Frühwald

Composition: Damir Šimunović

Stage & Costumes: Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin

Video: Davor Konjikušić

Light: Marino Frankola

Performers: Britt Kamper, Maria Teresa Tanzarella, Till Frühwald

“It is important that you are also great inside.”Because there are moments when you are small, but big, so not small anymore – already too big to be small … Yes, what now? We explore being small and big.What I am able to do, what are you able to do? How do we differ?”Look what I can do! “Sometimes we are quite big, though we are still small.Sometimes it rains bans – Don´t do this, don´t do that!How do I get big again when I feel small? With a great deal of imagination and joy for the game, the VRUM Performing Arts Collective shows children, from four years of age and up, with dance and singing, how relative proportions are, and that not only centimeters, kilos or liters are important. An energetic, joyful hour that has really excited the young spectators. “(Tanzschrift.at)