6+ years

70 min.


Dance Theatre + Live Musik



Themes: diversity, tolerance, friendship



Direction & choreography: Sanja Tropp Frühwald
Dramaturgy & dramatization: Maja Katić
Choreography of aerial elements: Nikolina Komljenović
Choreography & Direction assistant: Davorka Čorko Rodeš
Music & Live performance: Vanesa Petrac and Ivan Marojević
Stage: Denis Rubinić
Costumes: Ana Fucijaš, Žarka Krpan
Light design: Aleksandar Čavlek
Performance: Hedera Perhaj (Iris), Endi Schrotter (Mak), Filip Sever (Ljiljan, Mak's best friend), Bojan Ban (Neven, Iris's dad), Hana Kunić (Đurđica, Iris's mom), Sara Ipša (Ljubica, Mak's mom) , Nikolina Komljenović (Ivančica, Ljiljan's mom) and PS Vindi members (Swimmers, Jumpers, Cats, Long-haired, Earthlings): Lorena Benčić, Tara Breški, Ivona Čorko, Lea Golub, Paula Ivaniš, Lana Jergan, Dora Obelić, Lola Perhaj, Greta Posavec, Vida Rak, Iva Stanisavljević, Tea Težak
Video (trailer / post-production): Tomislav Sporiš


Production: VRUM Performing Arts Collective / Kliker Festival
Co-production: HNK in Varaždin, Ekscena and PS Vindi (HR)


Photo: Mario Knor, Marko Ercegović


(based on the motifs of "Romeo and Juliet" by W. Shakespeare, dramatized by Maja Katić)

Mak and Iris inhabit Đumbatron,


a planet full of lush flora, fragrant flowers and an abundance of delicious fruit. Despite the natural beauty that surrounds their home, they are forbidden to meet because he belongs to one tribe, she to another; his skin is one colour, hers another – mixing is absolutely forbidden. But this prohibition challenges their young understanding: why shouldn’t they play together? Why not climb into the treetops together, sing songs in crazy variations, lose themselves in silly dances? Because when you find someone who understands you and whispers compliments to you, that person appears to you in a clear light, while everything else around you loses its significance, all other colours fade.

As you get older, when love has a firm grip on you and showers you with sweet kisses, all doubts dissolve: It’s just the two of us! If necessary, even against the entire planet.
Mak and Iris show no fear and are determined to do anything for their love, protected by the power of their deep affection.



LJUBIČASTO (LILA) is an award-winning theatre play by Sanja Tropp Frühwald, inspired by the classic “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare.
It was created in a co-production between VRUM and the Kliker Festival, in collaboration with PS Vindi, ekscena and the Varaždin National Theatre



Like Shakespeare’s tragic heroes who die out of love and misunderstandings, Mak and Iris – embodied by VRUM’s intergenerational ensemble – take us on a captivating journey through the galaxy. On this adventure, they learn indirectly about the world, interpersonal relationships and emotions, unknown and strange places, extraterrestrial beings and their customs. They discover that the world is not only painted in black and white, but sometimes also in purple