4 + years

50 min.


Dance Theatre


Concept, choreography, direction: Sanja Tropp Frühwald, Till Frühwald

Creation, performance: Petar Cvirn, Ana Mrak, Arijana Pospišil

Music: Damir Šimunović

Light design: VRUM

Costumes and stage design: Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin

Making of set design: Leo Vukelić

Camera and Video: Leo Vukelić

Graphic Design: Maja Patafta

Camera and Postproduction (promo DVD): Ivan Cvirn

Photography : Petra Mrša

Song lyrics, outside eye: Mario Kovač

Production assistant (Rijeka): Tajana Josimović

Production adviser (Rijeka): Tanja Kalčić

Production: Dječje kazalište Dubrava, VRUM, Prostor Plus


… is an interactive contemporary dance performance happening at children’s eye level.
… asks BIG questions about SMALL things. What is small, and what is big? Who is a small person and who is a big person?
… leads us to rearrangement of an imaginative stage puzzle which dances stories a body can tell.
… reveals a world of freedom and perceives reality in dimensions and perspectives lost and forgotten by adults as well as through easiness and speed of change from real to surreal and opens up imagination through movement.
… speaks of identity, growing up and moments when we are „small, but we are big, that is, we are not small anymore, but we are big enough not to be small…“.
… speaks of everyday miracles we can find in the most ordinary things.
… speaks about little people in a big city, about fitting in and belonging, about independence and self-confidence.
… articulates body parts in detail, treating them as a whole.
… observes human body as a stage and allows us to see its possibilities as well as ourselves in a completely new way.
… is a reminder that the world is much wealthier, wider and deeper than we usually perceive it.
… is mini, is me, is eeeee, is us!


The play MINIMI uses framework and principles of a children’s play to explore specific recognizable patterns of behavior of the individual and their influence on the group dynamics and their creative power. It deals with the question of self-identity, self-confidence and the importance of every individual using different playful principles, no matter how big or small one is. MINIMI is a performance which reveals new theatre dimensions and perspectives while advocating positive values – companionship and friendship. The language of the play is simple, understandable to preschoolers and is based on movement and nonverbal communication but it includes different possibilities of narrating – speech and conversation, music, video and plastic display of elements developed from the exploration of a cube as a basic prop for the play and as a scenographic foundation. The usual and everyday form, known even to the youngest spectators, will be used in the play as an object of immense creative potential. The cube is regarded as a unit like building block or internal body, as a toy or children’s play, or as a symbol (as in the case of the smallest red cube) – each idea can come to life in everyday didactic and artistic work with children.