2-6 years
45 min.


Dance Theatre + Live Music


No language
Themes: Discovery, art, baroque, music playground, interaction


Concept / direction / choreography: Sanja Tropp Frühwald
Stage: Felix Huber
Costumes: Ana Fucijaš
Baroque music advisor: Davor Bobić
Project management: Till Frühwald
Production assistance / dance pedagogue: Sunčica Bandić
Outside eye: Gat Goodovitch Pletzer
Performance: Geosmin Yang (dance), Filip Sever (cello, vocals), Zvezdana Novaković (harp, vocals, small percussions), Nika Bauman (flute)


A co-production with Concert-Office Varaždin, Kliker Festival, Dschungel Vienna

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Baroque!


In Baroque times, people liked to set up cabinets of curiosities: collection rooms in which they kept wondrous things, curious exhibits and treasures, “mirabilia”.

VRUM Performing Arts Collective creates a cabinet full of wonders, secrets and surprises and invites everyone from the age of two to discover this mysterious universe. Accompanied by live performed music from the period, visitors are immersed in a world full of rich colours, intoxicating details and sublime emotions, in which they playfully explore the fascinating  works of artists such as Corelli, Strozzi and Pergolesi.


VRUM Performing Arts Collective uses contemporary dance, its energetic language of movement, and figures full of folds and  spirals to create a fascinating link between past and present. Adapted to the youngest audience, this creates a place of wonder, learning and inspiring encounters that brings an era to life.