This playshop is developing different imagination games that help to find specific and new qualities of movement. The games will help us awaken our awareness of the space, both the one within and the one outside our body. Therefore, we start moving from the inside of our body, by wanting to reach the outside space. We play with the idea of different patterns such as moving in circles, lines, dots and bounces. During this time we stay aware of each other and don’t forget to have fun.   

What do I need to prepare? Each participant will need 8 strips of tape (e.g. masking tape, washi tape, or other craft tape) about the size of a fingertip, for an exercise during the Playshop. The Playshop leader will then explain how to apply the strips to the floor. If necessary, the recording, can be paused for organization.  

Note: brown, or colored parcel tape tends to leave ugly stains on floors. 

This playshop is meant for people of all ages above 8 years old and no previous dance experience is necessary. 

Number of participants: minimum 2 – maximum 30 

Necessary physical resources: dance hall / studio / room with a dance(able) floor, large enough to accommodate the number of registered participants and where is not too cold, loudspeaker connected to laptop. Video-projector is of an advantage in case of larger group of participants, but is not conditional. Participants should wear comfortable clothes and no shoes. Water breaks are encouraged. 

Elda Maria Gallo

Elda Maria Gallo was born in Italy. Besides VRUM, she is currently working as a dancer and performer for different international companies such as Pietro Marullo-Insieme Irreali, Natiscalzi DT, and for various productions of Theater Dschungel Wien. She worked for several Viennese companies, in productions for adults and children, such as TanzCoop, Movement Lazuz, Two in One Company. She started her professional education in contemporary dance in Italy at the dance theater school Paolo Grassi in Milan. She continues her studies in Austria, where she graduated in 2015 at SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. She later won the Tanzquartier’s scholarship 2015-2016. In 2017 she presented her solo Accalia, in in Switzerland, choreographed by Sebastian Zuber.  Elda has been teaching dance theater and contemporary dance in Austria and Italy. She is a Pilates teacher, Contakids teacher and also an artistic gymnastics teacher. 

Recently, she started her own research work as a choreographer, producing pieces for young audiences and adults. 

The project was made possible with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb.