8+ years



Dance Theatre + Live Music


Director, choreography: Sanja Tropp Frühwald

Dramaturgy: Cornelius Edlefsen

Performance & piece development: Jaša Frühwald, Till Frühwald

Composition & musician: Georg "Guru" Hübner

Beatboxing Coach: Christian Recklies

Light: Dina Marijanović

Production: VRUM


In cooperation with Kliker Festival / Dschungel Wien

In SONS, Till and Jaša Frühwald, father and son – both on stage as well as in life – embark on a search for what constitutes their relationship, digging much deeper than the ordinary family ties would dictate. What can and should a son learn from his father and how much of a role model does a growing boy need? How and when does a boy become a man, a man a father, and what does “being a father” mean in the first place? How much of your own father can be found in you, what should a son accept as truth and when do you have to rebel in order to shape your own future? Together with the musician Georg “Guru” Hübner, father and son playfully reflect on family, stereotypes and the building of identity: they dance, sing and talk about their relationship, their similarities, their fears and the things about which mom doesn‘t need to know a thing! Their world is re-examined and explored, the three tread between comedy and tragedy, looking for who they are, who they want to be, who they are sometimes, what they can be and how we are all, across generations, connected to each other.