CHOREOGRAPHY / DIRECTION: Sanja Tropp as HERSELF “I can present a stock exchange of everyday possibilities and feelings which attempt to comply with the laws of the marketplace (€11, €7 students) …”


CREATION / PERFORMANCE: Jule Flierl as DEUTSCHE TELEKOM “I can climb a tree (€45) … I can communicate wireless (€0,99 per month) … I can make a prince out of every frog (€1000000) …”

Ivan Mijačević as TSUNAMI DING DONG “I can cry like a baby (€65) … I can talk shit (€120) … I can thank slovenian government (€5600) …”

Martina Nevistić as ANKICA KAMILICA “I can do dog language (€100) … I can laugh like a pig (€80) … I can make funny faces (for free) …”

Lada Petrovski as EASTER CHRISTMAS “I can drive without a ticket in a City bus (€60) … I can eat half kilo of chocolate in 5minutes (€99,99) … I can be Michael Jackson (€500) …”

Franz Rogowski as YELLOW DEALER “I can eat an egg without peeling the shell (€50) … I can play air guitar (for a while) … I can sleep with you (for food) …”


NOT APPEARING / MUSIC ASSISTANCE: Sebastian Graf as MYSTERIOUS MAN FROM THE DARK “I can come in the last second (€20) … I can striptease (€250) … I can write a song (€10000) …”


SOUND: Bill Withers, Franz Rogowski


MUSICIANS: Sebastian Graf, Franz Rogowski




THANK YOU: Crissy (for work), Ted Stoffer, Libby Farr, Susan Quinn, Kate Mattingly, Begüm Erciyas, Marcella Mancini, Ida-Elisabeth Larsen, Asher O’ Gorman, Petra Hrašćanec, Anja Bornšek, Noemi Oncala, Inma Marin(for feedbacking and valuable thoughts), Fabian Bächli (for organization, time tables, feedbacking), Tomaž Simatović and Eye for an eye crew (for understanding), Velimir Dugandžić (for time and balloons), Dennis (for technicalities), XMas stage and office team


DURATION: 20 min.


YEAR OF PREMIERE: december 2006.


This morning I woke up and thought “today I’m gonna live my life to the max” … then I realized… live life to the max is a Pepsi advertising slogan…