DOODLEDEE, it’s me


Authorship and Concept: Katja Kähkönen, Mateja Ocepek, Katja Povše, Sanja Tropp Frühwald


Direction and Choreography: Katja Kähkönen, SanjaTropp Frühwald


Co-creators and Performers: Barbara Kanc, Tina Valentan


Set and Costume Design: Mateja Ocepek, Katja Povše, Katja Kähkönen


Music, vocal and percussions: Zvezdana Novaković



Flute: Suzana Menoni,

saxophone: Nina Rogina


Sound Technician: Mario Marolt , Andrej Hrvatin


Set and Costume Make: Mateja Ocepek, Katja Povše , Katja Kähkönen, Iztok Hrga , Danilo Pečar, Miha Zupan


Lighting Design: Janko Oven
Photo: Matej Povše


Producers: Katja Somrak, Katja Kähkönen


Production: Plesni Teater Ljubljana , AEIOU


Co-production: VRUM


Doodledee it’s me! is a playful and poetic visual dance-theatre performance for the little ones. Doodledee is a study of how young children perceive themselves at different stages of their development. They grow and become more conscious of their bodies. It is essential to support the growth of a healthy body self-esteem. The performance is visually based on children’s drawings of themselves during the first six years of their lives. The performance is a story of self-discovery: I am. I can. It is an ode to the body – inspiring and admiring.