Concept, Space Design and Performance: Sanja Frühwald, Till Frühwald, Ana Kreitmeyer


Music and performance: Nenad Sinkauz


Light and technical support: Miljenko Bengez


Residential grant: Dschungel Wien, Kliker festival


Production: VRUM


The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia


Sveigralište is a dance-theater-music play composed at the moment of performance, created over and over again with each player, each audience member, each new space it occupies … Three performers and a live musician with audiences of all ages create a unique space in which each movement leaves a mark. The trail becomes a map, a plan, a manual, a template for the game. Sveigralište designs wonderful playgrounds, open to all to get involved with. In the game space we are all connected, the borders are open, there are no limits. In each of our hands we hold the threads that could start the world. We are playing!


PREMIERE: Tresnjevka Culture Center, October 12, 2017